Developer Services

Developer Services

Developer Services 

We have performed construction services for a variety of clients in the past. We’ve worked with condo communities and condo homeowners, commercial buildings and tenants, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and strip malls. We are a local company, in business since 1980, and we are your safe and reliable choice for these services. Check out our construction and development services to see what we have to offer.


Property Inspection & Recommendation 
General Contractor 
Construction Supervision
Wide Variety of Projects

Condo & Co-Op Renovation Projects 
Office and Retail Store Fit-Up 
Facade Redesign & Construction
Restaurant Build-Outs

Wide Variety of Replacement Projects
Siding Replacement 
Roof Replacement
Window Replacement
Decking, Balcony Replacement, Painting, Vinyl Siding

Needs Assessment, Review and Construction Reports to Ensure Satisfaction

On-Time & On-Budget 
Your Life Back to Normal Faster
commercial property management Santa Clara, CA
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